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Community solar enables anyone who pays an electricity bill to subscribe to a local, solar farm installed offsite. Together with hundreds of other residents and/or businesses, you can subscribe to a share of a large solar project and have the similar benefits as rooftop solar. Your solar energy will be delivered to you through your normal electric utility provider, so there’s no installation on your property or investment/upfront fees to be part of this program. Below is a complete list of all our projects.

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In just minutes, you can sign up to prequalify and reserve your share of the solar farm online or with the help of a specialist. There are NO fees to join, NO panels to install, and NO switching of electric companies.

You can search for a solar project in your area by clicking the link below. We are continually growing our solar farm portfolio and each solar farm has different terms and discounts.

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We’re bringing clean energy to homeowners and communities everywhere, and helping them save up to 20% on electricity costs* without installing rooftop solar panels, NO long term contracts and NO fees.
* Exact savings vary from state to state

Community Solar Farm
Community Solar Farm
Community Solar Farm

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