Community Solar Overview


Subscribing to a Community Solar Farm is an easy and simple option for most residents and businesses who currently pay an electric utility bill. We are actively growing our portfolio to ensure the EnergyOne Community of customers continue to have access to economical and reliable renewable energy. To see if you are eligible, CLICK HERE.

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We are continually growing our solar farm portfolio and each solar farm has different terms and discounts. Check the info on this website, or contact one of our specialists to find a solar farm in your area that fits your needs.


In just minutes, you can reserve your share of the solar farm online or with the help of a specialist. There are no fees to join, no panels to install, and no switching of electric companies.


Once the solar farm is built and generating power, watch the savings roll in! You pay EnergyOne for the electricity your solar share is generating at a price lower than your utility's rate, saving you money!

Community Solar Advantages


Community solar is an easier and faster way to obtain locally produced clean renewable energy for your home or business. Community Solar is roofless solar; there are no solar panels to install on your roof, no maintenance of equipment, there are no long-term contracts or upfront or cancellation fees.

Community Solar provides an easy and economical solution for home owners, renters, businesses, tenants, non-profits, and local government who pay an electricity bill, to obtain locally produced clean renewable solar energy.

We’re bringing clean energy to homeowners and communities everywhere, and helping them save up to 20% on electricity costs* without installing rooftop solar panels, no long term contracts and no fees.

  • No Installation of Panels on Your Roof
  • No Upfront Payments or Long Term Leases
  • Available to Renters, Homeowners, Non-Profits and Businesses
  • Guaranteed Savings Up To 20%**
  • Easy Sign Up With No Long Term Contracts
  • NO Termination Fees
  • Support Local Clean Renewable Solar Energy in Your Community

* Exact savings vary from state to state
** Community Solar Programs vary from region and state to state and can offer savings up to 20% versus the utility community solar credit

Community Solar Farm
Community Solar Farm

Serve Your Community


Interested in becoming a Community Solar Ambassador and being an environmental steward to promote clean renewable energy programs that benefit our beautiful planet? We are looking for individuals who care about the environment and who are dedicated to making a difference.

Our Community Solar Ambassador’s provide education for programs available and assist in the sign up of customers for Community Solar programs through event promotions, outreach meetings and door to door outreach. We are looking for individuals who care about the environment and making sure everyone has access and information to clean renewable energy programs.

Frequently Asked Questions


Check out our FAQ list to see if we have any answers to your questions. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, schedule a quick call with us at a time that’s convenient for you.

Community Solar

Join The Revolution! - Local Community Solar Is Here


Our community of subscribers can take advantage of a local community solar project in their area. If you’re in an eligible area, EnergyOne can assist you in subscribing to a local solar farm that’s generating clean, local energy right in your community. When you subscribe to one of our community solar farms, you are supporting local renewable energy and local jobs in your community.

EnergyOne is focused on providing renewable energy services and solutions to communities that have a positive impact on the environment and help to lower energy costs. If you’re interested in learning more about our community solar programs and or information regarding community solar programs, please fill out the form below or give us a call at (609) 451-0262.

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